Why Tim Denning Is Wrong About ‘Trust Fund Babies.’ Rich Kids, like Me, Aren’t Afraid of His Brain-less Rant.

I feel attacked by the popular writer for calling me out as a trust fund baby. But I’m not afraid, cause daddy still pays for everything while I party and play in paradise.

Alex Bentley
5 min readApr 10, 2022


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There I was, sitting in daddy’s 23-room mansion in the Hamptons, perched behind my MacBook Pro, sipping on a piping hot Frappuccino.

As I scrolled through the website mindlessly, I couldn’t find a single story I wanted to read. There were too many articles about making money or starting a new side hustle or getting in tune with your higher self.

All mindless drivel.

And as the son of a wealthy billionaire, they were things I didn’t need.

I almost gave up too.

Then I saw a headline that called out to me.

It read: Five Quiet Hints You’re Dealing with a Trust Fund Baby.

My heart sank. And I felt attacked.

So, what did I do?

I clicked on it. Probably like thousands before me.

It was by a Tim Denning. A man who looked like he had failed out of the frat house in his university days.

To my surprise, I later found out he’s one of the most popular and prolific writers on the platform. With over 250,000 followers. He’s been featured in CNBC, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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So, I started reading the article. Line by line. Sentence by sentence.

And with every word plastered on the screen, my blood curdled.



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