Why I Rarely Reply to Comments on Social Media Posts

And here’s what you can do instead of replying to comments

Alex Bentley


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If you’re a content creator of any kind, then you’re most likely getting comments on your content.

For me, I used to love receiving comments on my social media posts. I would gladly take a few seconds to craft an intelligent reply or a brief “thank you” message.

But after a few years of trying to keep up with my fans and commenters, it’s become draining. Exhausting even.

Now, I rarely reply to comments on social media.

Besides feeling exhausted keeping up with an endless stream of comments on my Facebook page, here are some other reasons I choose to engage selectively with people in the comments section.

  • Reading and replying to every single comment is time consuming
  • Replying to comments doesn’t result in increased visibility of your content
  • Most comments aren’t meaningful or add value to the published content

Does this sound like your comment sections?

If so, I feel your pain. It’s tough being a content creator these days.

As creators, we want to create high-quality content and have our audiences appreciate and find value in what we create.

But don’t fret just yet. Because here are two things you can do instead.

#1—Read But Not Reply

Analyze the comments from your followers and look for trends to know what your audience wants.

Of course, this isn’t an exact science, but comments can tell you a lot about what your followers want or don’t want.

If there is an exceptionally meaningful comment from a fan, like how your content resonates with them or how it brings back specific memories, you can use that to inform you on what type of content you should post more often.

Or if you see a trend of similarly related comments that aren’t necessarily specific to your content, you can use that knowledge to your advantage and post content similar to what your audience is talking about.



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