The Miserable World of Social Media: How It Affects Your Mental Health

Alex Bentley
3 min readAug 17, 2021

Facebook depression.

Twitter anxiety.

Instagram addiction.

But…is social media a “silent killer?”

The mental-health effects of social media have been a hot topic for years. But is there any scientific basis behind the common perception that our online lives are making us miserable? Studies show mental health has worsened with the rise of social media, but it’s not clear if this is just because it’s easier to compare yourself to others on these platforms.

Anxiety, depression, and mental distress are all on the rise. Research has indicated that social media may be one of the culprits for this worsening mental health epidemic. Some studies have found strong associations between increased use of Facebook or Twitter with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression among young adults.

Others suggest that it’s not the social media itself that is causing mental distress, but rather just an increase in awareness of other people’s mental distress. In a world where it seems as if everyone else has their life together while you’re drowning in anxiety and depression, looking at someone’s Facebook or Instagram feed can only make things worse.

Regardless of what prompted this worsening mental health epidemic, it remains clear that we are experiencing more mental illness than before. The question is whether or not social media use is to blame — and what should be done about it?

The incessant need to be connected at all times is one of the most debilitating factors in our society.

The teenager who feels the need to constantly check social media is more prone to anxiety and depression. They are always aware of what they’re missing out on, which can make it difficult for them in their day-to-day lives.

There’s an idea that mental health is a social construct, and this can be applied to the way we use social media. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others on these platforms, which may make us feel more dissatisfied with our lives or even regretful for not taking certain opportunities.



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