The Best Thing I’ve Done For My Life Is Quit My Corporate Job

And four reasons it might be a smart move for you too

Alex Bentley


Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

I’ve written about this a few times already. Like here and here.

But yes, I quit my corporate job — a job I had for nine and a half years.

I spent nearly a decade chained to a desk. Answering to a boss. And often taking orders from their boss. A couple of different vice presidents, too.

My last role with American Express was in communications and marketing. Working closely with their sales teams.

But, I worked in project management before that. In fact, I worked my way up the corporate ladder and had a very secure job with the company. Significant benefits and a high-paying salary. Overall, it was a rewarding experience — learning new skills I would take with me into my next life chapter.

The job allowed me to pay the mortgage on my house, buy a luxury car, and live comfortably as a middle-class, white-collar worker.

But like many people, I wasn’t satisfied — at least completely.

Of course, my mother was proud of me. I’m sure she told her friends, our family and people at her church that I was doing well for myself. Maybe she even told them I was successful, living out the American Dream.

After all, I worked for a well-established corporation with a strong global reputation. Not everyone has an American Express card in their wallet. But most American consumers know the brand.

A lot of friends and family probably thought I was losing my mind when I told them I was quitting my job.

But in March 2021 — I knew the time was right for me.

That’s when I quit my job, sold my house, and moved to a foreign country — Costa Rica.

Now, I was on the verge of living out a new dream.

Many work colleagues — as I was leaving — told me they wished they could do something like I was doing: quit their job and travel the world.

Obviously, as I had built relationships with these people, they were supportive. But I could tell some were envious too. I was doing something they wished they could do, but…



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