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Love Is What You’re After

Why love’s journey is more important than finding someone

Alex Bentley
5 min readFeb 10, 2022


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Love is what you’re after.

It’s the thing you’re chasing. It’s what you seek.

But it’s not the thing you think you’ll find.

Let me explain.

Love is not some tangible thing that you’re going to stumble upon one day, like finding a penny on the street, and then after that, you’re blessed with an abundance of wealth and happiness.

No — love is something that requires work and dedication and, most of all, patience. Because love comes in all shapes and sizes, in many different forms, and it’s never what we think it’ll be.

When you fall in love with a person, it’s not the person you were looking for all along. It’s the capacity to love another human soul.

To see your love reflected back to you.

Love is a journey

It’s not a place or a destination.

There’s no destination. There’s only the journey.

Love itself is the journey, and you’re in it until your last breath.

The goal should not be to find love in any single person — although it’s a blessing to find a lifelong partner who embraces your personality, quirkiness, and life choices.

The goal is to recognize love in all the different people you meet along the way, and to embrace their love for you; to be open — without judgment or expectations — to every person who comes into your life.

And one day, you’ll realize that by embracing each individual’s capacity for love, by opening yourself up to feeling their love for you, you’ve been able to increase your own ability to love.

Love isn’t what you seek — it’s the journey itself. The goal is not to complete or finish anything, but simply to enjoy it while it lasts.

Love isn’t about being in love; it’s about the process

Love is not about having it all figured out.



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