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Is This the Ultimate Secret to Feeling Great About Yourself?

Competition is the Death of Self. Focus on this one thing instead.

Alex Bentley
4 min readMar 11, 2022


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I just got one of those weekly newsletter emails from James Clear. You know, the ones that only take a few minutes to read.

Jame Clear, the self-proclaimed habit guru, loves filling his weekly missives with inspirational quotes.

And this week, this quote caught my attention:

“The secret to feeling great about yourself is not to be found in searching for people who are less than you and then show yourself superior to them, but in searching for people who are more than you and then show yourself worthy of their company.” — Erik Naggum, computer programmer

But there are problems with Erik Naggum’s statement.


“What if I don’t have self-confidence to begin with?”

“What if I feel depressed every day?”

Obviously, if you’re asking yourself these questions, then you’re less likely to flex your muscles of superiority over someone else. Because honestly, you probably don’t feel that way.

You feel small or less than other people. Maybe worthless.

But you’re not small or worthless. There’s an entire universe inside you.


The other problem with Erik Naggum’s quote, if you take the computer programmer’s advice, is that you’re seeking for something outside yourself.

You’re intentionally comparing yourself to other people. Whether that is thinking highly of who you are compared to them or looking down on yourself with a negative attitude.

I know—there’s competition everywhere in life. It’s hard to avoid.

If you name any of life’s many domains — people are competing there.

Sports, the workplace, school, and business are examples of places where people often compete…



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