I’m Google Verified. Are You?

Alex Bentley
4 min readAug 22, 2021

If not, then this article is for you.

Your business, whether you’re a small business, entrepreneur, influencer or writer, depends on getting verified by Google.

Google verification gives you the secret power to edit what’s shown in the Knowledge Panel for your business or individual name.

What is Google’s Knowledge Panel and why is important?

Google’s Knowledge Panel conveniently shows next to search results for public figures, some businesses and individuals.

Rupi Kaur is one of the top ranked authorities in my business niche of poetry books

Google’s goal is to deliver the most comprehensive and authoritative answer to any question you may have. In the past, you would have to click through to different sites and do a lot of research with no guarantee of accuracy. Now, Google, with their Knowledge Panel, will deliver you one accurate answer with no additional clicking.

Here are a few things that it includes:

  • The best public information on an entity (e.g., people, places, things) from across the web, including the Wikipedia page for that entity, celebrity or influencer
  • A snapshot of an entity’s public activity on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in recent days or weeks
  • A timeline of an entity’s historical events
  • A list of relevant, authoritative websites for the entity (e.g., Wikipedia links) and news articles about that entity

Google’s Knowledge Panel uses machine learning to crawl across public data sources on the internet. They have built a system to monitor, update, and verify information from a variety of credible sources across the web. Their goal is to provide you with an accurate and reliable answer as quickly as possible.

Here are a few key takeaways:

● Google algorithm handles over 7 billion search queries each day. Which means, when it comes to credibility, no one has your best interest at heart more than Google.

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