I Started a Vlog to Document My Life, My Thoughts & My Writer’s Journey

The 5 big reasons I want to get back into vlogging

Alex Bentley


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I’m not new to vlogging.

In fact, several years ago, I was vlogging almost daily.

But in the vertical format, using Snapchat as my video camera app.

What I loved about Snapchat—at least back then—is that I could record short snippets, save them and the app would automatically compile them together.

It made merging those snippets into a longer video a cakewalk.

I would then download the compiled video and upload it to YouTube.

Getting into a habit of vlogging wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was finding the time to record tiny moments from my life. And I gave it up because I wasn’t gaining enough subscribers to find value in vlogging every day.

But now that’s all changed.

I have ample time to do many things—like writing full-time as a career. Taking my wife on romantic dates. Exploring different places in the Philippines. And also recording videos along the way.

Heck, I should’ve recorded more videos while I was living in Costa Rica. It would’ve made for some great vlog content. As well, I will never be able to re-live those experiences again.

But why did I start vlogging again?

Here are the five reasons I want to vlog again:

#1—My wife and I are expecting our first baby next year

My wife is four months pregnant, carrying our first child in her womb.

It would be great to share those pre-birth moments with our son or daughter many years from now. And to see our child’s facial expressions when he or she sees the videos of a younger mommy and daddy.

There’s so many special moments I want to capture.

Like when my wife visits the doctor’s office and gets her ultrasound checkups. Or when my wife finally surprises me with the baby’s gender. Or the stressful hours leading up to our baby coming into the world.



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