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How You Can Use The Proven ‘Netflix Strategy’ To Start Boosting Your Online Writing Income

Struggling to make money here? This strategy will help you make real passive income from the platform.

Alex Bentley
6 min readApr 28, 2022


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I remember the first time I published a story on this platform. It was several years ago, and at the time, I wasn’t here for the money. But a few years have passed and like it always does—life changes.

Your needs and perspective change with it, too.

That’s why I’ve dedicated the last 5 months to writing on Medium. Making it my top source of passive income.

You see, I quit my corporate job back in March 2021 and set off on a remarkable journey of both love and independence. I had sold my house to move to the Philippines and marry my long-time Filipina girlfriend.

As an expat, currently on a tourist visa, I can’t just get a regular paying job in the Philippines.

To get a job here, I would need to be an alien resident. And even if I could secure employment, I wouldn’t make nearly as much money as I did working in the United States.

That’s why writing on Medium gives me the freedom to write from anywhere, work a schedule that fits my life, and make money from my passion.

All while living in a foreign country with my wife, living out my dream life, and pursuing my lifelong passion as a writer.

What I Learned About Writing on Medium

I really hate talking about myself.

But since you’re looking for writing advice to make more money on Medium, I feel I need to establish a bit of credibility. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short.

In the last 5 months…



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