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Grab A Celebrity’s Attention On Social Media With This 1 Technique

What you can learn from Snoop Dogg liking my tweet

Alex Bentley
4 min readMar 24, 2022


Photo by Nasik Lababan on Unsplash

Just the other day I posted a snippet from one of my Medium stories on Twitter.

Here’s the tweet:

Within hours, Snoop Dogg saw my tweet. He then smashed that heart-shaped icon to give it a like.

He’s also the first celebrity to like one of my tweets.

Because tweeting celebrities is a thing I do from time to time.

I’ve also tweeted at Mike Tyson. About NFTs, of course. But never once did the former boxing champion like my stuff.

So, what do you do when Snoop Dogg likes your social media post?

You smoke a blunt. Right?

Well, I didn’t do that. Hopefully, Snoop isn’t disappointed.

Instead, I could barely contain my excitement and had to show someone.

I ran from my office into the living room.

“Baby,” I said. My hand clutched the phone as my feet sped across the white tile floor.

I jolted toward my wife, shoving the phone into her face. Paying no attention to her TikTok binge-watching marathon, I pointed at the bright screen.

“Look baby,” I said, breathless. “Snoop Dogg liked my tweet!”

She pulled the phone closer and noticed the rapper’s name under the Likes section.

“Wow, that’s so cool,” she said, looking up at me.

I smiled from ear to ear, reeling at the moment. Then she said something that stopped me dead in my tracks.

“See? I’ve always believed in you.” She smiled, too.

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