How to Deal with Criticism as a Content Creator

And what you can do to flourish as a Content Creator in the booming Creator Economy

Alex Bentley


Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

One of the hardest things to do—whether you’re new at creating content or a seasoned pro—is dealing with criticism.

And that criticism mostly comes from people online.

People you don’t know or barely do.

It even comes from completely anonymous people who hide behind and use silly avatars as their social media profile pictures.

And sometimes you’ll receive unwarranted criticism from people you know in real life. Like friends, family and co-workers.

But don’t let that criticism deter you from achieving your goals and dreams.

The most important thing you can do as a creator—whether you’re an artist, writer, vlogger or creative genius—is to believe in the stuff you’re creating.

Not once have I given up completely on my creative passions and projects. Although—I must admit—I’ve come close to throwing in the towel a handful of times.

I’ve been creating content online since 2014, when I ventured into the world of publishing my poems on the Internet. I first started publishing online with Tumblr and Instagram, then expanded to other social sharing sites.

Almost 8 years later, I’m ranked as one of the top poets on Facebook, where I’ve amassed over 500,000 followers in nearly 100 countries.

But technically speaking, I created content long before that. In my high school years, back in 1996–1997. Where I wrote for an e-zine—electronic magazine—and also made ASCII and ANSI artwork.

And in all my years of creating content on the Internet, I’ve experienced my share of criticism.

Here’s what I’ve learned in that time about dealing with criticism.

#1—Stay Positive

You must stay positive and believe in yourself even when faced with harsh criticism.

Don’t let a person’s negative comment on your latest creation get you down. Some people are just jagged, jealous, or outright trolls. They look for any opportunity to leave a bad review…



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