How I Read 363 Books Last Year with the Tai Lopez Method

People claim reading books is tough. It’s not.

Alex Bentley
4 min readMar 10, 2022


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I bet you love reading books, huh? I do too!

I get paid to read books for a living, doing something I love.

Wait, what? You don’t believe me?

I’ll prove it to you.

I’ll show you how I mastered the skill of speed reading, finishing 363 books last year with the Tai Lopez method. A technique I picked up from the controversial entrepreneur’s best-selling 67 Steps program.

The speed reading method requires three different passes.

Before we get into how this method works, let me share why its so powerful.

I promise: it’ll blow your mind.

Knowledge Is Power

Everyone knows that knowledge is power.

So it doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you read every day.

Because reading enriches your life for the better. It also makes you smarter. And it can even help you get ahead in your career or business.

But the problem is: many people don’t have time to read big books.

They say it’s tough. They say they don’t know where to start.

Or that they don’t have enough time to finish a single book. And that they’re not sure if what they’re reading is even worth their time.

But that’s not you, is it?

Because you’re reading this article right now.

And you’re looking for the best way to read your gigantic pile of books collecting dust on your dirty coffee table.

Success Is Carved From Trees

Everyone knows books are made from trees.

That’s why your success in life is determined by how much you read.

The more you read = the more successful you are

To skyrocket your personal growth, you need to read a lot.

Like Tai Lopez and me.



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