How I Made My First $0.43 From Republishing Content On CloutPub

And what I like and dislike about the BitClout-fueled writing platform

Alex Bentley


I recently joined BitClout—the hot new decentralized social network.

For those unfamiliar with BitClout, it’s a social network that allows creators to mint their own coins and earn a Founders Reward—a specific percentage that the creator sets—when they their coins are bought or sold. It’s powered by a cryptocurrency known as DeSo (i.e. Decentralized Social).

Shortly after, I heard about CloutPub—an app built on top of the DeSo cryptocurrency’s framework.

So I repurposed some of my previously published articles on Medium and publish them to CloutPub.

Of course, I was just testing the waters. To see what was possible with the publishing platform.

At first, I only published three articles on the platform.

But in my test, I could set how much it cost in $CLOUT (i.e. DeSo) to read the article.

As an added bonus to my Creator Coin holders, I made the article free to read for them. I figured if they will invest in my Creator Coin, I should give back to them.

In fact, I had one investor purchase approximately $43 USD in my Creator Coin. And if people will support a writer like me on BitClout, then I reckon they might like to read what I write.

When I woke up this morning, to my excitement, I saw I had earned $0.43 USD. It’s not a lot of money, less than a dollar, of course. But it’s a pleasant start.

Screenshot provided by the author, showing his CloutPub earnings from 1 published article.

Immediately, I published three more articles on CloutPub. Because I wanted to continue the early success I’m having.

But it’s uncertain if CloutPub will continue to bring me income.

Only time will tell, so I will continue to republish content I write specifically for Medium on CloutPub too. After all, I own the content, so I get to choose when and where I publish it online.



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