Almost Every Single One of My Stories Stopped Getting Curated

Here’s why story curation doesn’t matter to me anymore

Alex Bentley


Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

Each time I hit the ‘Publish’ button on a story, Medium curated it.

And it happened consistently in December and January. Like magic.

For writers that don’t know yet:

When your story is curated or “chosen for further distribution” — as your story stats will show — it means Medium wants to distribute your story to a larger audience. An audience beyond your followers.

Why Curation Matters to Most Writers

For new writers on the platform, curation is a godsend.

Because more eyeballs on your stories means you’ll get more views, reads, claps and potentially more followers.

But new writers aren’t the only ones that want to get curated. Seasoned writers also benefit from a story being distributed widely on Medium.

Because these seasoned writers are making a living from the number of paying members who read their stories.

More reads equals more money.

Why Aren’t My Stories Being Curated Anymore?

It’s not like my stories don’t get curated anymore. They still do.

But before the plunge, I was hitting a remarkable 100% story curation.

Now—in February—it’s closer to 25%.

Why the sudden drop?

Honestly, I can’t tell you.

Maybe it’s the primary niche I write in—cryptocurrency—seeing a surge of stories published on the platform every day. 439K stories published to date.

Screenshot from the Cryptocurrency topic tag page.

With a topic saturated with a bunch of daily stories, it’s harder to get curated.

Which might explain why I became a Top Writer in two less populated topics. Bitcoin and Art.

The strange thing is this. None of my Bitcoin or Art stories got curated, at least for those topic tags.



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